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Life Casting
Hiram was an early participant in developing the processes and materials for making molds directly from the human body. As well as using the cold casting materials such as the Forton MG containing metal powders to cast works of art.

He is a Founding Board Member of the Association of Lifecasters International and has given many workshops on the techniques to mold and cold cast realistic figures.

Common to all the materials referenced is they require casting into some type of mold. As a GFRC producer and a figurative sculptor, Hiram is uniquely positioned to offer consulting advice covering the full range of mold making issues from large, rigid GFRC production molds to small, flexible molds for fine art.

The usual choices of flexible mold materials are between a two urethane or tin or platinum based silicones ranging in durometers of 10 to 90 shore A hardness. He has given mold making and casting workshops across the country.

Hiram recently served a three year period as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Sculpture Society in
New York City.

  Hiram Ball 412-737-3141 | |     527 Main Street, #9 |     Harwich, MA 02645